Venues in Europe

Europe is the third most populated continent and has the largest economy of the world - with Germany and the United Kingdom being the most economically developed countries in the region. Home of some of the world's leading tourist destinations, European countries have earned their spot as popular venues for training.

Vienna, Austria London, U.K. Barcelona, Spain Aberdeen, UK

Vienna, Austria

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London, U.K.

PVT Workshop

The overall objective is to allow the participants to develop an approach to characterising a variety of fluids using the package. There will be practical examples characterising fluids from real data.

Course CodeIPM4
Course Fee$6500 USD
Course Date 09 - 13 Oct 2023

Barcelona, Spain

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Aberdeen, UK

Gas Conditioning & Processing

This course is designed to provide participants with a complete and up-to-date overview of gas conditioning and processing technology. It covers product specifications and the processes available to condition the gas in order to meet these requirements. Participants will understand the nature and purpose of key gas processing operations, and how the individual operations are integrated into plants to process diverse feed streams received from gas fields around the world.

Course CodePE3
Course Fee$4150 USD
Course Date 27 Nov - 01 Dec 2023
Well Cost Management

This course is designed for drilling engineers, drilling accountants, drilling planning executives, business development executives & managers, finance executives, supply chain managers, contracts, procurement, well engineers and geologists.

Course CodePB2
Course Fee$4150 USD
Course Date 23 - 27 Oct 2023

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