Well Completions & Workovers

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Completion engineers, workover engineers, well services/intervention engineers, production engineers, drilling engineers, well site engineers


Identify & understand the parameters that influence selection and design of completion components

Integrate the importance of completion process to future production run

Deliver techniques to selecting best tubing size and best material for completion

Gain practical methods in designing, planning, and executing safe and efficient well completion

Manage well environments with extreme chemical, temperature, and pressure characteristics

Bridge the importance of well design in relation to the ability to carry out well interventions

Explore new technological developments in well completions and workovers

Plan an appropriate intervention and workover strategy to maintain or increase field Production


This course addresses the needs of engineers in both well completion and workover. It will focus on building the current foundation of engineers on completion and workover techniques, but will further provide practical exercises and industrial applications on the key decisions needed to be made during the completion and workover processes.

Moreover, an in-depth discussion on the emerging technologies and methodologies on well completion and workover would be covered. This includes the techniques such as Smart Well Completion, Multi-lateral Well Completion, HPHT Completions, Sub-sea Completions, and Fiber Optics Completions. The discussion shall go in-depth on the features, benefits, and costs for each type of technique. This course will address how to tackle the common well environments and also the extreme well problems engineers may face during completion and workover processes. At the end of the training, a field project design exercise will be given to culminate all lessons presented throughout the course.


  • Introduction to Completion Design

• Reservoir Completion

• Tubing Performance

 •Enhancing Production through Artificial Lift Methods

• Production Chemistry

 •Handling Different Well Environments

• Tubing Stress Analysis

• Material Selection

 •Completion Components

• Completion Operation Base Preparation

• Rig Preparation and Completion Installation Process

• Emerging Completion Techniques

• Well Intervention Methods

• Horizontal Tree

• Conventional Tree

• Well Control

• Integrating Completion and Workover Operations

• Operations Cost Management

• Handling Service Providers

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