New Technologies in Artificial Lift Systems

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Who Should Attend?

Engineers, Managers, field supervisors, and others who select, design, install, evaluate, or operate artificial lift systems

Course Description

Replacement of any part of the Electric Submersible Pump (ESP) following a failure requires a workover rig which is very expensive specially in offshore locations.  The process of ESP installation and recovery can be speeded up and made more efficient by installing the ESP at the end of a coiled tubing or depoyed by cable like CDESP. Other solution is to replace ESP with Jet Pump.

With increased prices, more emphasis is placed on techniques to maximize production and reduce the operating cost in the same time.

Learning Objectives

• Compare systems to determine what system is most economically feasible for your wells.

• Specify components and auxiliary equipment needed for each system

• Know what best practices are available to extend the life of equipment and installed lift systems

• Apply basic design and analysis concepts

• Design system features that allow for gassy production, production with solids, viscous production, and for other harsh environments

Course Outline


    • Overview of Artificial Lift
    • Comparison of Artificial Lift Systems
    • Artificial Lift Selection


ESP Applications

    • Electric Submersible Pumps (ESP)
    • Applications, Design and Selection of ESP's
    • Installation and Operations of ESP
    • Case studies on the use of ESP from different countries.

Replacement of ESP with Hydraulic Jet Pump

    • Hydraulic Jet Pump
    • Applications, Design and Selection of Hydraulic Jet Pump
    • Design of Hydraulic Jet Pump by using software.
    • Installation and Operations of Hydraulic Jet Pump
    • Several case studies of Replacement of ESP with Hydraulic Jet Pump

New Technology in ESP

    • Cable Deployed Electric Submersible Pump(CDESP)
    • Advantages of CDESP and how it reduces the operating cost of ESP
    • Case study on CDESP
    • Coiled Tubing Deployed ESP’s

New Technology in ESP


    • Auto “Y” Tool
    • Dual Pump Installations
    • Reducing Water Production by Downhole water separation driven by an electric submersible pump

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