Modern Aspects of Chemical EOR

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Who should attend?

Reservoir engineers, petroleum engineers, chemist, laboratory technicians, geologist, project engineers, project coordinators, project managers and professionals who want to know comprehensively how is the best practice in implementing chemical EOR projects.

About the course

This course will provide comprehensive coverage of all chemical EOR processes. The course materials are based on the instructor’s hands-on experience, personal collection of field cases and learning, especially from Chinese field practices where chemical EOR projects are mostly done. Although the focus will be on practical aspects, theories closely related to practical applications will be covered. It will include many quizzes, calculation exercises and simulation exercises for practice. Each attendee must bring a laptop computer with Microsoft operating system.

You will learn

  • Understand each EOR mechanisms and the synergies of combined EOR methods
  • Understand key parameters of each chemical process
  • Have a good understanding of data range of key parameters
  • Learn from practical experiences and case studies
  • Know how to design, optimize and carry out a chemical EOR project
  • Understand chemical EOR simulation
  • Have a good knowledge that is not available in academic or scholar studies

Course content

EOR Potential

  • Status of Chemical EOR
  • Performance evaluation of EOR processes
  • Naming conventions and units
  • Polymer Flooding
  • Types of polymers and polymer related systems
  • Polymer viscosity
  • Polymer flow behavior in porous media
  • Survey results of polymer flooding projects
  • Performance analysis by Hall plot
  • Polymer mixing, well completion, injection and production
  • Pilot tests and field applications of polymer flooding
  • Polymer flooding experience and learning in China
  • UTCHEM simulation practice – surfactant flooding
  • Surfactant flooding
  • What alkalis should be used in alkaline flooding?
  • Alkaline reactions
  • Simulate alkaline flooding
  • Recovery mechanisms
  • Overall performance of alkaline projects
  • Alkaline flooding
  • How alkalis affect polymer solution?

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