Gas Lift System Production Optimization

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Production technologists, petroleum engineers, production engineers, field operators, lifting executives, maintenance engineers


LEARN to optimize production through gas lift system design, analysis, and troubleshooting

APPLY techniques in gas lift operations from beginning to end of operations

MANAGE challenging environment faced by gas lifted wells

OVERCOME the limitations and problems faced in applying these optimization techniques

OPTIMIZE operations through understanding gas lifting’s role in the whole production system

GAIN practical skills in valve mechanics and NODAL analysis

INTEGRATE gas lift system best operation practices with production optimization


This course addresses various areas of gas lifting operations. It gives a complete look on the operational activities which will enable field operators to fully optimize even from systems selection, design, and installation. Moreover, the course will then focus on the techniques in achieving production optimization, specifically with continuous flow installations, monitoring, and run-life optimization. In order to achieve optimal

levels of production, NODAL analysis will be used in order to analyze and troubleshoot gas lifted wells. Hands-on class exercises and case studies will also be presented in order to test the participants’ application of the concepts learnt in the course into situational instances of field operations.


  • Artificial Lift Methods

• Multiphase Flow in Oil Wells

• Basics of Nodal Analysis

• Gas Lift Installation Types

• Gas Lift Valves

• Design of Continuous Flow Gas Lift Installations

• New Developments in Gas Lifting

• NODAL Analysis of Continuous Flow Gas Lifted Wells

• Optimization of Continuous Flow Gas Lift Installations

• Unloading Design for Continuous Flow

• Gas Lift Systems

• Analysis and Troubleshooting Continuous Flow Gas Lift Wells

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