Basics of Reservoir Engineering

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Who should attend?

Geoscientists and engineers with little or no reservoir engineering background. It is intended to provide an introductory course in the field of basic reservoir engineering.

About the course

The objective of reservoir engineering is to optimise hydrocarbon recovery. This course will introduce basic reservoir engineering concepts and methods to enable cross-disciplinary exchange of ideas and experience. The course will help understanding questions crucial to the reservoir engineer: How much oil & gas is there (accumulation)? How much can be recovered (reserves)? How fast can it be recovered (rate)? The participants will also work practical problems to ensure a thorough understanding of the principles and procedures.

You will learn

  • Depositional environments follow ordered physical principles whose knowledge can aid in reservoir description
  • Fluid properties are seldom available; correlations are commonly used to determine these properties
  • Reservoir fluid flow follows established principles. Established equations describe these principles
  • How to map and calculate reservoir volumes and pressures and the utility of these techniques. Decline curves provide a useful technique for estimating future production

Course content

Introduction to the physics of petroleum reservoirs

  • Concepts of fluid flow through porous media
  • Fluid properties in reservoir engineering – fluid types, phase behaviour, correlations, equations of state
  • Fundamental rock properties – porosity, wettability, capillary pressure, permeability, relative permeability and other concepts
  • Evaluation and recovery of oil and gas reserves – classification of reserves, recovery
  • factors, volumetrics of oil and gas reservoirs
  • Material balance calculations
  • Oil-water displacement – Mobility ratio, Buckley-Leverett, displacement efficiency
  • Well Performance
  • Decline curve analysis
  • Introduction to Transient Well Test Analysis.

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