Advanced Integration Course (RESOLVE)

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This course is designed for users already familiar with the first level of Integration within IPM (GAP, PROSPER and MBAL) and wish to take the integrated production modelling approach to the next level, integrating numerical simulation reservoir models, process models, economics as well as implementing Global Optimisation and Field Management Rules within the system.

The course covers how to dynamically connect multiple applications and the opportunity that this level of integration brings at the moment of fully optimising our production system.

Content covers a series of projects with a variety of engineering objectives, from Field Development Planning to Daily Field Optimisation.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, not only will the attendees be familiar with the use of RESOLVE but will also gain an understanding of how to best formulate global optimisation problems within such platforms.

Course Agenda

Day 1: Introduction

  • RESOLVE Overview
  • Objectives, Functionality and structure
  • Integrating Reservoir Numerical Simulation models to Surface Network Models and Economics for Field Development purposes (long-term forecast)
  • Connecting Applications
  • Transferring data among application
  • Scheduling Events (Event Driven Scheduling)
  • Creating Field Development Scenarios
  • Applying Field Operation Rules in an Integrated Model
  • Advanced Event Driven Scheduling.

Day 2: Global Optimisation

  • Solving Global Optimisation problems (involving multiple applications)
  • Reservoir – Wells – Surface Network – Process
  • Feedback Loops
  • Integrated Process Design
  • Routing Optimisation using RESOLVE (GIRO)
  • Formulation of the Problem
  • Finding the Solution
  • Interpreting and Analysing Results

Day 3: Advanced PVT Options

  • Consistent Fluid Description across applications
  • PVT Lumping/Delumping
  • Process Independent Models

Day 4: Other Integrated Studies

  • Water Floor Management Options
  • Inflow Control Devices
  • Production Systems Driven By Reinjection Potential
  • Other Integrated Studies

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